No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media – 2022 Schedule

Ernest M Whiteman III continues his presentation of “No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media” at various venues across the state of Illinois. “No One Ever Sees Indians” is structured as a three-act “magic trick” designed to import the ideology of Native American self-representation and first-voice in media. It also take a look at how media representations have influenced our interactions with Indigenous peoples in the Americas almost from the time of first contact and media has played so great a part, that we hardly think of it.

Ernest is also a part of the Illinois Humanities Road Scholars Speakers Bureau and some of the events are sponsored by Illinois Humanities. Ernest continues to book the presentation, as he states, “The idea of Native American self-representation in media is not widely thought of. So, this presentation, unfortunately, remains prescient, even today.”

Here is the schedule for “No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media”:
(Note: Road Scholars events are designated. Follow the links to register to attend an event near you!)

Sat. 9/10 – Forest Park Public Library, 7555 Jackson Blvd, Forest Park, IL 2pm, Virtual

Wed. 9/21 – Fondulac District Library, 400 Richland St, East Peoria, IL, 6:30pm, In-person (IL Humanities Road Scholars Event)

Sat. 9/24 – Zion-Benton Public Library, 2400 Gabriel Ave, Zion, IL, 3pm, In-Person

Sun. 10/9 – Flagg Township Museum, 518 Fourth Ave, Rochelle, IL, 1pm, In-person (IL Humanities Road Scholars Event)

Wed. 10/12 – Bloomington Center for Performing Arts, 600 N East St, Bloomington, IL, 6:30pm, In-person (IL Humanities Road Scholars Event)

Mon. 10/17 – Indian Trails Public Library District, 355 Schoenbeck Rd, Wheeling, IL 6:30pm, In-person (IL Humanities Road Scholars Event)

Sat. 11/12 – Three Rivers Public Library, 109 N Wabena Ave, Minooka, IL, 1pm, In-person

Sat. 11/19 – Glenview Public Library, 1930 Glenview Rd, Glenview, IL, 2pm, Hybrid (In-person/Online) (IL Humanities Road Scholars Event)

Tue. 11/29 – Prospect Heights Public Library District, 12 Elm St, Prospect Heights, IL, Virtual

Thu. 12/1 – Algonquin Area Public Library, 7pm, Virtual


TENTATIVE: Sat. March 11 – American Association of University Women, Gurnee Police Department – Community Room, Gurnee, IL 10am, In-person?

To book “No One Ever Sees Indians” go our our CONTACT PAGE or write to Fees are at your convenience.

Representation matters. It influences how people react to the issues and societies of Indigenous peoples, and understanding where our bias is seeded, is a step toward better understanding.

“Are you watching closely?”

Ernest M Whiteman III on Decolonize That! Season 2 on October 8th

Ernest M Whiteman III, Northern Arapaho filmmaker, artist, writer, and media educator joins Sandra Grade on October 8th on a live stream on “Decolonize That!” as they discuss Native American representation in the recent explosion of Native American media.

Decolonize That! Season 2 is hosted by Bhakti Shringarpure and Greg Pierrot and streams at 11:00am EDT, (10:00am CDT) on Friday, October 8. Visit their website for more information on their many programs.

Join Ernest and Sandra in their discussion. You can register for free at their EventBrite page.

See you on Oct. 8th. Thank you for all of your support!

Ernest M Whiteman III joins IL Humanities’ Road Scholars December of 2020, Ernest M Whiteman III, Northern Arapaho filmmaker, artist, writer, and media educator was selected to the roster of the Illinois Humanities’ Road Scholars Speakers Bureau with his presentation “No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media”.

From the IL Humanities website: “Our Road Scholars Speakers Bureau roster features speakers hailing from many different communities across Illinois who offer presentations on topics in history, archaeology, philosophy, literature, theater, film, music, politics, and other subjects that are thought-provoking and engaging. The breadth of these offerings reflects our conviction that the humanities can help us to examine the world in all its varied shades and discover in it the remarkable, the strange, the fantastic, the tragic, the humorous, and the beautiful.”

Ernest’s first presentation took place on Wed. September 15th with the Lombard Historical Society.

His next schedule presentation of “No One Ever Sees Indians” will take place for the Arlington Heights Memorial Library on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 7:00pm (CDT). You can the details and tickets for this virtual online presentation by visiting their website. CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more announcements for Ernest M Whiteman III’s Road Scholar presentations!

For more information on the Road Scholars program, visit the Illinois Humanities website.