UPDATE: HAMLET Production (3/19/14)



March 19, 0214 meeting was again, lightly attended but that is to be expected for a production such as this that challenges the Native Arts community thus.

We have a few updates:


JENN MICHALS is officially cast as GERTRUDE, Hamlet’s mother. We talked at length about her motivations and drives and how she differs drastically in this particular production. More info soon!

Location: We have a location for our summer shoot: an apartment in Hyde Park which will double as GERTRUDE’S apartment for part of ACT3, Scene 4. More info on that as well will be forthcoming.


We are nearing location lock downs for two scenes to be shot April 14 – 18.

Please note that we still have many roles to fill and we hope that you can help us out with this truly unique project.

Check out the CAST LIST for open roles and contact us at ronin-redshade@att.net if you are interested in participating.

Thank you!


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