Enter: Fortinbras – HAMLET Update (4/18/14)

Enter: Fortinbras – HAMLET Update 4/15/2014

2014 Redshade Productions
“Go captain, from me greet the ‘Danish’ King…” 2014 Redshade Productions

Chicago, IL) HAMLET moves on with another scene in the can. A part of Act 4, Scene 4 was shot on Monday evening in the blowing cold and snow. Despite these conditions, the cast and crew were steadfast in getting the scene filmed. Since the weather did not cooperate, the location of the scene was moved into an underpass walkway. Which was a wind tunnel. But my cast and crew are tough. They muscled through and we got the needed shots, though, not exactly as I envisioned but they work just as well. That simply is the process of an endeavor such as this.

Thanks to Monica Rickert and Maria Guzman for their fortitude in the face of the weather. You were both awesome. Thanks to Larry, one of the steadfast presences on this film. Most of all to Cuba, Christian Cuba for being there as my 1st AD. Your commitment to this film shines brightest. We are only getting started. As you can see from these screen captures, we got some great shots.

Look for a cut of the scene by May 15th to be screened as a sell package with “Two Scenes from HAMLET”. I may try to drum up interest by hosting a reading of the FINALE of HAMLET some time soon. Let me know if you would be interested in that.

Location News:
We have looked into a couple of sites in Hyde Park, offering several locations for the Summer/Fall shoot which will be great for some HAMLET/HORATIO hallway discussions, the CAPTAIN taking out bad guys and more.

We also have been in touch with another location in the city where we are adding an educational component to HAMLET and Redshade Productions that the possibility of some students visiting the set to see a production in action as well as being able to a presentations on filmmaking and the arts there in the future. This site has great outdoor locations and an awesome auditorium that can serve HAMLET in several scenes and will be great for the exterior NIGHT WATCH scenes as MARCELLUS, HAMLET & HORATIO wait the GHOST. We can use their location to film the movie’s opening and closing and a couple of other major scenes.

The Gertrude’s Apartment set has been locked for the confrontation between HAMLET and GERTRUDE with thanks to actor Jenn Michels for her assistance. That scene will be shooting in mid-August.

Our last location for the mid-August/Fall shoot gives us more Hallways, a board room for the INTROS of CLAUDIUS, GERTRUDE, LAERTES, POLONIUS & HAMLET. We also will be able to film the movie’s huge FINALE there. So there is a lot of planning, rehearsing and actors’ schedules to wade through! The scenes contain nine (9!) principle characters, 6 lines of action in various places and a small crowd gathered. Whew! I know we can pull it off.

Actor News:
As of this posting, we are still getting out-of-state inquiries about roles in the film, which is great! Just send us a head shot and resume and let us know which role interests you. The CAST LIST gets constantly updated. You can tell which roles are filled when the actor’s picture or screencap appears.

We should also welcome Native actor Derek Garza to the production as he takes on the role of OSRIC, the foppish character that hides a killer’s focus as he serves as CLAUDIUS’ chief assassin. He ends up in a showdown with HORATIO in this version of the story. Looking forward to working with Derek.

We are still looking for OPHELIA. We have a couple of out-of state actresses interested who would come out at their own expense but we have no Ophelia scenes on the docket. Maybe we will save those for a Winter/Spring shoot.

I also talked with Larry Jahn (Polonius) about how the vision of HAMLET has evolved with so many Native actors asking to come aboard. In the hardest discussion in my film making career thus far, I suggested the recasting POLONIUS with a Native actor because the principle of an all-Native cast of HAMLET must be a firm one. At this point he still has the role but I will be seeking a new POLONIUS. Larry expressed an understanding of the decision and offered his continued help in any regard. He has been on this project since the beginning and his support on the crew is always appreciated.

We are going to be doing COMMUNITY AUDITIONS as soon as we can lock down a location for that. We are starting to move forward more quickly now and we still have several roles to fill, including CLAUDIUS, now POLONIUS and the GHOST. All I am really looking for are Native actors that are very interested and have a passion for a project like this and can participate as a volunteer. If this seems like something you would like to try. By all means, check out the CAST LIST and let me know which role interests you.

Production News:
In other news, production funding may be come in and we will be able to acquire some audio recoding equipment, weapon props, sports gear and some costume props for our project. I will be purchasing a new prop gun for the upcoming shoot. We will also have to build our own rapier and daggers for the FINALE. If anyone has some experience building props, besides weapons, we need things like cloth banners in red back and white, and some other stuff, please get in touch.

I will know next week about some production funds coming in that I will buy a Zoom H4n Recorder and a Rode Boom Mic kit. I also have a chance to purchase a new (or upgrade my) Macbook to better edit and audio design the film. Also, I could possibly purchase a second Nikon D5100 with a 35mm Prime lens to help shoot the finale. We are hoping to shoot the finale of the film this year with an eye towards finishing in Summer of 2015.

2014 Redshade Productions
M. Guzman as Fortinbras – 2014 Redshade Productions

We have made some really big leaps in the past few weeks. We got more footage in the can, WHICH LOOKS GREAT! We have these locations come in and we might have new equipment too. But we are still a long ways off. We still NEED ACTORS. But I believe a Summer 2015 production completion is possible.

HAMLET, a full-text adaptation from Redshade Productions coming FALL 2015.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ernest M Whiteman III, Director, HAMLET


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