HAMLET: Open Community Auditions!

The play is the thing….


Community Auditions for
A Redshade Productions film

Shooting at various locations in Chicago, IL

Redshade Production is pleased to announce an Open Casting Call with COMMUNITY AUDITIONS to be held Thursday, July 17 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the Sulzer Regional Library Auditorium.

We are looking for Native American actors (18+ Yrs) to fill various roles in this very unique production. No acting experience is necessary but it is recommended as this is a Community Volunteer Project designed to ingrain a sense of shared community art making. All people considering auditioning must be open to shooting at locations across Chicago with a day’s notice.

SUMMER/FALL Shoot = August 15 – October 30: Act 2 – Scene 2, Act 3 – Scene 4, Act 5 – Scene 2 + New scene to be added

WINTER SHOOT = December – January 2015: TBD

SPRING = March – May 2015: TBD

We are looking to cast immediately these roles:

CLAUDIUS – Older Native American male (40 – 50 yrs.), not tall, not short, played as the Usurper, evil, conniving, unrepentant, and plotting. Should be charismatic enough to sway people despite their knowledge of his true motives.

POLONIUS – Older Native American male (40 – 60 yrs.), tall, when he shouldn’t be, talkative, yet not as clever as he thinks he is. Covets any connection to Claudius’ regime. Is a Public Relations Manager for DENMARK CORP and Claudius’ Personal Assistant, thinking he is like Horatio to Hamlet or the Captain to Fortinbras, but he is not.

OSRIC – Young Native American man (30 yrs), tall, thin, athletic, he behavior is one of foppishness, a preoccupation with a new status in life, nouveau riche, overly stylish, that only masks the heart of a stone-cold killer, he is Claudius’ hired assassin

There are several other roles to fill both speaking and non-speaking. Please visit our CAST LIST for vacancies. Interested?

What you need to bring:
A passion for the project
A head shot or photograph/Acting Reel is optional
An idea of which role you want to audition for
A monologue to perform (optional)

What to expect:
To be videotaped
To sign an image release form
To discuss at length what you will bring to the production/role
To improvise storytelling…

For a look at the CAST LIST.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!

Ernest M. Whiteman III
Director – HAMLET
(Put “Hamlet Audition Appointment” in subject heading)


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