Once More Unto the Breach….

Open Community Auditions Part III
Hamlet: The Whole Bloody Affair
A Redshade Productions film

Redshade Production is pleased to announce our on-going rolling event: Open Community Casting Call with AUDITIONS to be held Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 6pm to 8pm at the American Indian Center, 163 W. WILSON AVE, Seniors Lounge.
(Warning: due to possible low temperatures, dress warm.)

“HAMLET: The Whole Bloody Affair” will be shooting at various locations in Chicago, IL, November 2015 through September 2016. This is real guerrilla filmmaking, as we are using found locations and lighting. Snacks will be on-hand for the audition. A Cast/Production Meet-up to follow.

We expect anyone who signs on to make the time for rehearsal sessions and prep.

We are looking for Native American community members (18+ Yrs) to fill various acting roles in this very unique production. No acting experience is necessary but it is recommended as this is a Community Volunteer Project design to ingrain a sense of shared community art making. All people considering auditioning must be open to shooting at locations across Chicago with a few day’s notice.

We are looking to cast immediately these seven roles:
HORATIO – Native American Male/Female, 25 – 40 years, tall, athletic, martial arts/close combat experience wanted, but not required. – Horatio is the JOHN WICK of this world.
OPHELIA – Native American Woman (30’s), tall-ish, any body type. Polonius’ daughter, HAMLET’s lover, played older and smarter than she has been.
CLAUDIUS – Older Native American male (40 – 60 yrs.), not tall, not short. Hamlet’s Uncle & the King of Denmark Corp.
POLONIUS – Older Native American male (50 – 60 yrs.), tall.
GUILDENSTERN – 30’s-40’s Native man or female.
ROSENCRANTZ – 30’s Native female, any body type.
CAPTAIN (Norwegian Army) – Native female, any age, type.

There are other parts that we are looking to cast as well for future shoots:
OSRIC: Young Native American man (25 – 35 yrs), athletic. Assassin. Very deadly.
LAERTES: Young Native American man (25 – 35 yrs), athletic.

It changes the face of literature’s most famous play and turns cultural appropriation in the reverse direction, thus creating a new voice for Native Americans in media.

Please visit our CAST LIST for vacancies. Interested?

What you need to bring:
A passion for the project
A head shot or photograph/Acting Reel is optional
An idea of which role you want to audition for
A monologue to perform, if asked

What to expect:
To be videotaped
To sign an image release form
To discuss at length what you will bring to the production/role
To improvise storytelling

This is a rolling community event, so please help out on this very unique production.

Thank you.


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