New Short Film Projects from Redshade Productions


Redshade Production and Director Ernest M Whiteman III are pleased to announce two new short film projects to be produced simultaneously for a fall 2016 debut. Looking to use his Community Volunteer Project structure to produce the two film, Redshade Productions will be casting and shooting local with their patented small crew ensemble method.

The new projects are:
EW3-Savior-Cover-2The Final Meeting – a short film about a Savior, Man of Power, a Northern Arapaho superhero facing off against his enemy, Dr. Baron Von Badghigh for the final time.
Drunken Indian – a parody of the 70’s kung fu trailer featuring a Northern Arapaho protagonist: a Vietnam vet who returns to Chicago to find his community still oppressed. The title is a play in both the stereotype and the genre.

Casting is going on now, and pre-production is set to begin soon with a mid-late spring shoot with an aim at a fall debut.

For more information, or if you have any questions, contact Director/Producer Ernest M Whiteman III through our CONTACT US page here or emailing: (Just put REDSHADE CASTING in the Subject Heading.)

Stay tuned for further updates on these unique projects.

Thank you!



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