FINAL MEETING cast and ready to shoot; FILM 101 begins

Redshade Productions is pleased to announce the cast for its upcoming short film “The Final Meeting”.

Lorenzo Gudino has been cast as Savior, Man of Supreme Power, hero of Temple City. This is his first acting role and accepted it enthusiastically. In the film he will be facing off for the last time against his most-hated archenemy Dr. Baron Von Badghigh, played by veteran stage actor Lawrence Jahn, a long-time collaborator with Redshade Productions.

Costuming and rehearsals are underway with a location set at a Rogers Park business. More information to come soon.

Also, Redshade Productions is currently in progress with a filmmaking workshop now taking place at the American Indian Center, FILM 101, is aimed at participants of the local Native community 18-years and over as a way to teach basic filmmaking skills to interested creatives, as well as, to teach Media Literacy to participants, also, to fill a media making gap that has arisen in this new digital movie making and Internet sharing age.

“The Final Meeting” will hit the film festival circuit in the fall of 2016 before going online in the spring 2017.

For more information on FILM 101 visit our EDUCATION PAGE and to learn how to bring it to your community, organization, or group, feel free to contact Redshade Prodcutions on the CONTACT PAGE.

Thank you for your years of support.



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