IMG_0900Open Auditions: Pilsen
Hamlet: The Whole Bloody Affair
A Redshade Productions film
The play is the thing….”

“Hamlet” is now shooting at various locations in Chicago, IL

Redshade Productions is pleased to announce a Casting Call with AUDITIONS to be held Wednesday September 14, 2016 at 7:00pm at the Citlalin Gallery, 2005 S Blue Island Avenue. We are looking for Indigenous American actors to fill various roles in this very unique production. Indigenous actors from North, Central, South America, Mexico, and Canada are encouraged to audition for this English-language feature film. Director/Producer Ernest M Whiteman III is creating a contemporary, full-text version of William Shakespeare’s most famous play!

“HAMLET: The Whole Bloody Affair” will be shooting at various locations in Chicago, IL, through June 2017. This is real guerrilla filmmaking, as we are using found locations and lighting.

No acting experience is necessary but it is recommended as this is a Community Volunteer Project design to ingrain a sense of shared community art making. All people considering auditioning must be open to shooting at locations across Chicago with a few days notice. We expect anyone who signs on to make the time for rehearsal sessions and prep.

We are looking to cast immediately, these roles:
GERTRUDE: Native American woman (40-50 year) A woman with her own agenda at conflict with the instinct to protect her only child.

POLONIUS: Older Native American male (50 – 70 yrs.), tall, when he shouldn’t be, talkative, yet not as clever as he thinks he is. Covets any connection to Claudius’ regime. Is a Public Relations Manage for DENMARK CORP and Claudius’ Assistant, thinking he is like Horatio to Hamlet or the Captain to Fortinbras, but he is not.

LAERTES: Young Native American man (25 – 35 yrs), athletic. Polonius’ son, needs to be a contemporary of Hamlet, uncertain until faced with his father’s death.

OPHELIA: Native American Woman (30’s), tall-ish, any body type. Polonius’ daughter, Hamlet’s lover, plotting to runaway with him, is played older and smarter than she has been.

OSRIC: Young Native American man (25 – 35 yrs), athletic. Actually, an Assassin in the employ of Claudius who plays snooty to distract people.

ROSENCRANTZ: Native American Woman (20’s-30’s); an old college friend who is employed to spy on Hamlet.

GUILDENSTERN: Native American Man (30’s); also an old college friend, who thinks spying on his friend will move him up in society.

There are several other roles to fill both speaking and non-speaking. Please visit our CAST LIST here or on our Official Facebook page for vacancies. Interested?

What you need to bring:
A passion for the project
A head shot or photograph/Acting Reel is optional
An idea of which role you want to audition for
A monologue to perform, maybe…

What to expect:
To be videotaped
A signed image release form
To discuss at length what you will bring to the production/role
To improvise storytelling…

For more information about this project, visit:

Ernest M. Whiteman III
Director – HAMLET
847.863.8693 (text only)


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