The Final Meeting: New Trailer and Poster

final-meeting-poster-1NEW POSTER AND TRAILER!
Watch as two titans face off for the last time! Savior faces his most hated enemy the Doctor Baron Von Badghïgh in this superhero short film.

Lorenzo Gudino as “Savior” Northern Arapaho Superhero and Man of Supreme Might

Lawrence Jahn as The Doctor Baron Von Badghïgh, Scourge of Mankind

This is the newest short film by Ernest M Whiteman III (Norther Arapaho) will premiere this fall at a festival near you. Production took place at a local Chicago location September 2016.

The film story and screenplay is by Ernest M Whiteman III with the original story concept by Christian Cuba and Ernest M Whiteman III.

Look for more news on festival screenings coming soon.

The official trailer for the new Ernest M Whiteman III short film “The Final Meeting” is here:

Keep checking here for the latest on the projects of Ernest M Whiteman III

Thank you for your support.



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