The Future: A Story of Blue Woman – Now Casting

Casting for Redshade Production’s newest short film, the sci-fi actioner “The Future: A Story of Blue Woman” is now looking for cast and crew to begin shooting this summer. Redshade Productions is looking for Native American community members, and beyond to, fill various acting roles in this unique productions. No acting experience is necessary but it is recommended as this are Community Volunteer Projects designed to ingrain a sense of shared community art making. All people considering auditioning must be open to shooting at locations across Chicago with a few days notice.

Tag: In the post-apathetic future of 2017, the legendary Blue Woman fights to protect a great secret.

This is a unique tory about a Northern Araphao woman wandering in what I call a “Post-Apathetic” future confronting a challenger from the nostalgic “World That was Woke” over a precious item that may bring hope to future generations.

BLUE WOMAN – ROLE is CAST: The Mythical Northern Arapaho Woman protecting a secret
WORMIE – young woman who saves Blue Woman and joins her cause – any type
MAZIE – Self-proclaimed leader of an exiled group from The World That Was Woke, ruthless and self-serving – older woman, any type
RINDA – a pragmatist, the first to join, male or female
ZILONG – a former commander under Blue Woman, young woman, any type
SHIRO – a farmer turned fighter, male, wiry
GUIN – “Of the Leopard Head”, she is the Zen warrior, a woman, athletic
NAMELESS – a person from Blue Woman’s past that joins the Crew of Seven, surrpise me.

HORMEL – A wandering gang leader, who stumbles across Blue Woman and is drawn into Mazie’s designs, Male, any type

Hormel’s Crew: 7 – 9 feckless fighters that follow Hormel
Mazie’s Crew: 10 – 15 people that follow Mazie and enforce her plans

Once cast, meetings will commence immediately to refine and workshop the idea into a more collaborative effort among the cast and crew. If you are interested in helping on this project, contact Ernest M Whiteman III, Director/Producer via or

Thank you for your support!



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