As an artist, your greatest enemy is your own history.


Redshade Productions

Owner-Operator · Chicago, Illinois · 1995 to present

Redshade Productions is the production shingle of Ernest M Whiteman III, a Northern Arapaho Film/Video Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor, and Artist who works to subvert the expectations of what a Native American “Artist/Filmmaker” is supposed to do. Ernest is a proponent of Native American first-voice and self-representation and creates works that crosses the boundaries of so-called “Native American Art.”

Current Projects:
  • 2010 to present
    A comic strip starring a 10-year-old Northern Arapaho boy who believes he is a superhero.
  • Nameless: The Authentic and Magical Ledger Art of EW3
    2010 to present
    Series of ledger art drawing that defy the Native American Art conventions.
  • 2010 to present
    A full-length, full-text feature film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play with a full Native American cast. Currently in production.
  • Three Kingdoms
    2007 to present
    Action/Teen Drama -A feature film adaptation of the historical novel attributed to Luo Guangzhong. Updated to feature the suburban adoptee experience.
  • The Shoshoni Connection
    1995 to present
    Action-Drama – Arapaho hitman Terrence Redshade enters the small hamlet of Shoshoni, Wyoming. The film idea that inspired Redshade Productions.

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