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Ernest M Whiteman III, Presentations on Native Media

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Ernest M Whiteman III, is a Northern Arapaho filmmaker, artist, and writer. Since taking over the directorship of First Nations Film and Video Festival in 2005, he has been doing free presentations on Native American Cinema in classrooms and at FNFVF events since.

Recently, Ernest has worked as a Media Mentor in Chicago Public Schools since the fall of 2012 as a part of Adobe Youth Voices, where he helps CPS teachers instruct their students in creating media that speaks with their voice. He assisted in the pre-planning, production, post-production, and exhibition of student videos and print designs. Ernest was also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, where he taught the upper-level course entitled “No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Film”.

NO ONE EVER SEES INDIANS: Through his experiences, he has developed a multi-formatted classroom presentation called “No One Ever Sees Indians” based on his lecture materials. Ernest presents information on Native American Cinema in the shape of a three part magic act, presenting historical information, social justice issues, self-representation and first-voice issues in a very adaptable presentation that fits any classrooms or organizational presentations, such as conference or event sessions. Ernest also presents his art and some film clips to make his points.

NAMELESS – The Story of a Northern Arapaho Nobody: Ernest recounts his own life experiences as a Northern Arapaho in the modern world and how his art, filmmaking, writing and perspectives have been shaped by his experiences. This stresses the need for Natives to be able to own their own experiences in the face of anthropological colonization of Native expertise.

In addition to presentations, Ernest also works in spoken word piece and has been greatly reviewed for his style. He bring several written pieces to your event and regales audiences with stories that are part fact, part fiction, and all myth.

List of  EW3 Presentations:

First Nations Film and Video Festival 2010 to present; speaks as a presenter on Native American cinema and self-representation in media and on my experience as a film and video maker.

“Creating Nations: Past/Present/Future”, April 1, 2016: Featured panelist “Body” on Native American Film and Theater, Northwestern University, Colloquium of Indigeneity and Native American Studies, One Book One Northwestern, and the Block Museum

“No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media”, November 12, 2015: Featured presentation, The Vine Deloria Jr. Symposium, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

“No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media”, November 22, 2013: Workshop; a part of the UIC Native American Heritage Celebration, Native American Student Organization

“No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media” November 17, 2013: Presentation, Third Unitarian Church, West Chicago

Despierta/Wake Up! Facilitating a Critical Race Discussion Within a Multicultural Community Organization, Midwest ECO, November 16, 2013: Workshop; served as part of a panel discussion, we invited critical commentary on our collaborative efforts within a multicultural community organization to facilitate an ongoing, critical discussion about racial disparities and ethnic tensions in Chicago. Presented a version of “No One Ever Sees Indians” as part of the examples of race discussions and workshops being facilitated.

“No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media”, November 7, 2013: Faculty workshop, Wheaton College

Despierta: Conversations on Race and Ethnicity, Friday, September 6, 2013: Served as Panelist on a Discussion on Ethnicity & Racism with Unieros Organization.

REEL INJUN screening and panel discussion, October 16, 2010; as a Native American filmmaker, participated on a discussion panel after the screening of the Lober Films production of Neil Diamond’s “REEL INJUN” presented by IVTS Community Cinema, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the First Nations Film and Video Festival and Chicago Title VII.

Office of Indian Education: Federal Technical Assistance Workshop, October 5, 2010; in my capacity as the Title VII Cultural Resource Specialist, with my colleague Maria Guzman, Database Specialist presented on urban schools and Native students on the “Title VII: Best Practices” panel.

“No One Ever Sees Indians”, May 21, 2010, Presented on Native American Cinema and Self-representation in Media as part of Chicago Title VII’s American Indian Speakers Bureau to Native Community members and T7 Families.

First Nations Film and Video Festival 2005 – November 2008, Chicago, IL & Denver, CO, presented themes and ideals of festival at every FNFVF screening, introduced movies and moviemakers. November 2005, spoke as part of a Native Community panel after screening the PBS documentary “Indian Country Diaries: A Seat at the Drum” at Columbia College.

The Augsburg College Native American Film Series 2006, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN; Spoke to college classes about Native American self-representation in the media and as part of a panel discussing the issues of the film “Honoring Our Voices”.

“No One Ever Sees Indians”, 2006, a multi-class presentation on Native American self-representation in Media at the Schingoethe Center for Native American Cultures at Aurora University, Aurora, IL.

Session Panelist: Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Midwest Conference on Philanthropy at Navy Pier, October 2005, as Developer of the American Indian Center.

“The Ernest M. Whiteman III Experience”, 2004, a screening of my short films with a Q&A at the Riverton Regional Library, Riverton, Wyoming.

Redshade Productions is proud to offer a Community Filmmaking Workshop: FILM 101. Visit THIS PAGE to get more information on the program!

Contact Information:

If you are interested in bringing Ernest M Whiteman III to your classroom or presentation event, please visit Redshade Productions Contact Page to submit your information and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

NOTE: There are no fees for any of the presentations that Ernest M Whiteman III does.

We hope to here from you soon! Thank you!


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