The Art of Ernest M Whiteman III

Ernest has been an artist nearly all of his life, mainly working in sketching and drawing with a foray into watercolor and more recently, digital freeform painting. His largest current project is “NAMELESS: The Authentic & Magical Ledger Art of EW3” which has had a series of showing in the last two year. For more information visit the NAMELESS PAGE.

Ernest is also working on a online comic series: Mikey Redshade Saves the World, about a 10-year-old Northern Arapaho boy, transported to Skokie, IL from his home of the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, who believes he is a superhero. The series is current online HERE.

Recently, Ernest announced his new project which combines the other two: NAMELESS: The Story of a Former Childhood Superhero, tells Ernest’s own story in a combination of ledger arts and graphic novel sensibilities. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new project!

Ernest is constantly working on art projects of all kind, regardless of the selling price, he moves on knowing that the very act of creating, in this new reservation system called the Native Arts Market, is a very artistic and revolutionary act.