NAMELESS: The Authentic and Magical Ledger Art of EW3

Nameless-poster-1aNAMELESS: The Authentic and Magical Ledger Art of EW3

This ledger art project was borne from a need to fight stereotypes happening now in Native American Art.

Images drawn, sketched or printed are of a non-Native nature to challenge the very concept of “Native American Art”. What makes art “Native American” when all we see are cliches and stereotypes put on display for money?

“NAMELESS” had a preview showing at the Meztli Gallery in Pilsen October through December of 2012. Since then, the project continues apace with Whiteman adding more images to the project. Over 75 pieces of art have been completed with even more in the works. You can view some images on his Behance page by CLICKING HERE.


Plans for an exhibition include around 25 – 30 images to be displayed, with many of the art works available for free viewer taking. Digital prints will be given away for free and Ernest M Whiteman III will be on-hand to do live ledger drawings and presentations.

Why “free”? Because the legitimacy of a piece of art should never be attached to the monetary amount paid for it. The message should be more important than the price. How is this not selling out your culture? Says Whiteman, “I have so much faith in my art that I’d prefer to give it away.”

Look for “NAMELESS” to hit galleries or art spaces soon.


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