The setting is a not-too-distant future where corporations have risen to become oligarchies. The film is to be cast with Native American actors. Shooting in the cinema veritas style ala Goddard’s “Breathless”, or the Dogma95 people using available lighting and found locations. This is a real guerrilla filmmaking and the actor needs to be ready for quick stop and go shooting.

Right now there are no formal auditions being offered. We are looking for actors (and crew) that are interested and hungry to do the film and are willing to contact me in regard to a specific part. From there we can set up a meeting and discuss the roles and schedules for shooting and the actor will be invited to join us in our production meetings before we shoot.

We have a DSLR camera and audio. I am looking for locations to shoot in and am approaching several places to ask if they will let us shoot on their property for free. The outcome of this endeavor is to create a real community experience with a great full-length, full text production of HAMLET ready to go to film festivals around the world.

We have shot and screen two scenes already and am very proud that we got it done with community volunteers. They have been edited into a short film and is currently under consideration for screening with the Tribeca Film Festival.

Visit this page for a look at the CAST LIST

Here is a teaser trailer meant to convey style rather than plot:

HAMLET by Ernest M Whiteman III is set to be only the second full-length, full text movie adaptation.



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