HAMLET: Background Stories

HAMLET-Steel-TITLEHAMLET: The Whole Bloody Affair
A Feature Film

A Future History Past:

In the not-so-distant future, in an alternate United States, the country has been overrun by corporate oligarchies that were seeded in the 1950’s and gained much political and economic power as to become their own nation-states that did not adhere to the laws and constitution of the United States.

From these corporations, rose a hierarchy of filial decent, where the rule of corporations is passed to the eldest sons. The most powerful of these corporations is the Denmark Corporation, established by a board of Directors of Danish-descent in the early fifties. Denmark Corporation established its rule over the old city of Chicago, with its domain reaching into the old defunct states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Michigan.

When the last Danish-born King passed away without male issue, there was a grab for power as the head of Norway Inc. advanced a hostile takeover of Denmark Corp. which many called the Norway Wars which took place in the early eighties.

It so happened that Hamlet Teihinen, a Northern Arapaho Executive rose through the ranks of Denmark Corp with ruthless ambition, force of arms, and strategy. In his early years in the corporation, he was jokingly called, “The Dane” by the old King for he had no Danish blood. But it was also a family nickname, with “Dane” becoming the shorthand for Teihinen.

With the Norway War long over, King Hamlet dispatched his son, also called HAMLET, and his second, HORATIO to Wittenberg to regain control of the businesses and markets there to assure Old Hamlet’s consolidation of power and was thus able to secure his throne as King of Denmark, with his son and brother backing him at important points.

HAMLET: Prologue to the Film

Hamlet is the Prince of the City, heir to Denmark Corporation, a quasi-celebrity in this world, sort of a Kardashian but with a sense of morals. He was born to the manners-makers, the elite, the ruling class and he has been groomed to succeed his father as the “King” of Denmark.

He was raised believing that the throne was his, that he would inherit Denmark Corp. It was, is, his birthright. He would have fought tirelessly to defend his claim and his birthright, until he met Ophelia. He is a changed man. He has gone through what many of his type go through – an epiphany, a realization of what is more important. Ophelia has become central in his new outlook on life. He renounces his birthright, his lifestyle and his family’s plans for him.

He does not see a way out of this succession though. Then, his father dies.

He had hoped to leave America for England with Ophelia and leave Denmark Corp. to Fortinbras, of which Norway Inc’s take-over had been planned long before either of them was born. He decides to enact his plan as he returns to Denmark to attend his father’s funeral. But an unexpected usurpation by Claudius and his mother’s shocking marriage to him upset the political part of his plan while Polonius’ meddling interferes with his plans with Ophelia. This, coupled with his mother’s marriage, his father’s death and his uncle now in power leaves Hamlet in a deep depression….

Storyboard of opening scene from “Hamlet” by EW3

Written by: Ernest M Whiteman III

COMING SOON: Hamlet’s Back story



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