In addition to being a filmmaker and artist, Ernest M Whiteman III is also a writer having completed and self-published a short stories collection:


He continues to add to the World of Blue Woman.

Ernest is also currently writing his second novel manuscript with an eye towards self-publication in late 2016.


This novel tells the story of two best childhood friends who, after 10 years apart meet again on the reservation of their birth as enemies. It is a tale about wasting talents. Coming soon to Smashwords.


Ernest M Whiteman III also keeps several weblogs where he posts essays on topics that interest him. Mainly, articles on movies and movie reviews. The two main ‘blogs he keeps are:

WOS Reviews: EW3 reviews films, books, and other things. He has recently been posting articles on films, and every year he does a year end “Best of Stuff ” List that is sure to get your opinions firing. Here are two recent essays that you may enjoy:

Mother’s Watch: The Sad Truth About Noriko in Ozu’s “Tokyo Story”

Man of Steel Answers: Why Didn’t Zod Terraform Mars?”

Redshade Report: Not only is this the home of his web comic “Mikey Redshade Saves the World” but here Ernest takes on headier topics, such as Native American representation, short fiction, and general essays on everyday living. Here is a recent article that has garnered some attention:

No One Ever Sees Arapahos: Margaret Coel’s Representation of the Northern Arapaho in her ‘Wind River Mysteries'”

Once Upon a Time on the Rez: A Norther Arapaho’s Review of ‘Wind River'”.

We hope you take the time to discover Ernest M Whiteman III’s skill as a writer. He continues to write on novels which more will be announced soon, the Blue Woman Series, screenplays and treatments, as well as, Wisdom of the Sages, his long-running web log, and essays.