Short Stories Collections:

On December 5, 2013, I self-published my first short stories collection through SmashWords:

The Autobiography of Blue Woman Volume One

BLUE-WOMAN-COVER-SMWDs-7The life of the Northern Arapaho, Blue Woman, and her two children weave through ten compelling, contiguous but not continuous stories about life on the Wind River Reservation and beyond. You will meet her children Moon-Swallow Girl and Corn-Silk Boy, her father Bad Horses and the famous Arapaho filmmaker Savior Sherman. You will also read the tragic tale of the Last Indian on Earth, all told in a unique style and voice.

“The Autobiography of Blue Woman” is a short story collection that circumvents the expectations of conventional Native American-themed and authored stories. Part One of a four part series containing thirty-three stories, “The Autobiography of Blue Woman” spans five generations and travels from the desolate beauty of the Wind River Reservation to the urban wilderness of Chicago to an unknown time and place.

Blue Woman will haunt you, amaze you and confound you. You will never forget Blue Woman.”

Available for download to tablets and PCs in all available formats. Contact author Ernest M. Whiteman III for a 50% discount coupon at


Volume Two is currently in the work with a Dec. 5, 2015 release date!



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